Sample Section Facilities

It is the most important section in the RMG Industry. It is that where design ideas are taken from drawing to the tangible garment. It is that kinds of production room where the required number of samples can be made according to the buyer’s recommendation.
The most experienced and well performer employee engaged in the sample section. The sample room consists of designers, programmers, Sample machinists, fit specialists who all are experts in their specific area.

Activities of our Sample room:

There are some important activities of our sample section pointed out below:
  • To make the proper sample by following the buyer’s instructions.
  • To understand the requirements of the buyer.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the buyer.
  • To inform the accuracy or confirmation to the buyer that the bulk productions going to be right.
  • To confirm the measurements and fabric requirements.
  • To make perfection in yarn consumption.
  • To make perfection in the garments costing.
  • To utilizes the skill operation with a skilled operator during garment making.
  • To get understanding completely to the operators and management as well about the upcoming garments production of that order.