Green Initiative (Sustainability)

Protecting the environment from the harmful by-products of operations encouraged the sustainability team to start a number of initiatives that not only save resources for the country but also is cost effective. The main focus is to incorporate the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle into all initiatives. We’ve taken some green initiative for our organization. These are:
  • Switch off the lights or power when not in use.
  • Support energy efficiencies of mechanical and lighting equipment.
  • Improve air quality, Increase water conservation.
  • Higher concentration of waste avoidance.
Water Management : L’Usine Fashion Ltd. is committed to the earth and the society. Sustainability is our motto. We stick to 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have a plan to have percolation pits to recharge the ground water and we will select water efficient machines for production.
Energy Efficiency : Focused on energy efficiency makes L’Usine Fashion Ltd more loyal to the society. We select the most energy efficient machines for production as well as continuously invest on new energy efficient technology. We ensure optimum use of daylight. We replaced all fluorescent tube lights with LED lights.

Materials & Resources : We are using sustainable source for our raw materials beside with regular source. Sustainable sources are:

  1. Preferred cotton : BCI, Organic etc.
  2. Re-cycle synthetic, polyester
  3. Circular Textile
Harvesting Rainwater: We’ve a plan to adopt the rain water harvesting system to use washing and other purposes to save underground water every year.
Reusing Utility Water: We have a plan to reuse the water daily by the management staff for domestic, gardening and car washing. This initiative will save about 250 liters of water per day.